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How to Change the Default Folder for Safari Download
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Safari browser has given a path to all of the downloading documents in a folder. This browser has set a folder where the downloaded files have saved. Most of the users are fine to store the files that are downloaded and moving all downloads to the location manually. Does this seem like overwork? When their downloads get finished, some are comfortable doing so all the time, but for many users it is quite a while taking task.

If you are also doing this unnecessary work in your Mac, then why not you attempt to modify the download location settings in Safari browser? If you don't know the actions to change the settings, follow the actions from placing attempts to arrange the files and save yourself.

Here to Change Default Folder on Safari

  • The changing of default downloads from Safari web browser isn't a complicated task, and even the steps from a manual make it easier. As soon as you start the process to switch the default download folder you will be able select and to select between the saving methods.
  • Open Safari browser on your own system.
  • Now in your menu bar at the top, click the Safari alternative.
  • Select Preferences.
  • Now, move into the General tab and find the File download place option.
  • Click to open the drop-down menu.
  • You will see that the Desktop choice and two additional options too.
  • Selecting Desktop will download the files on the home display of Mac.
  • Ask me for every download will let you pick the location of every file. With this option, you are able to keep of the organized in the computer system and separate.
  • The Other option will popup an open and save dialogue box. The option allows you to get into the folders.

Restoring Default Downloads Folder

While altering the download location folder, it's likely to miss the downloaded files. But if you opt for the prior downloads folder, then you will have the ability to discover downloads.

  • Open Safari browser in your Mac.
  • Click on Safari from the menu bar.
  • Select the Preferences in the menu.
  • Click the General tab and go to the File Download Location.
  • Now, choose the folder that was set as a default option previously.
  • If you can't find the alternative, then click the Other option and let the window popup.
  • You will able to pick that folder from the window manually.
  • Now click Select tab in the bottom of the window.
  • Close the Preference in Safari.
  • Now onwards, downloads will probably be stored in this folder.
The transfer of the default folder from Safari web browser for the downloaded documents provides to choices which make the organization of these files more manageable. Ask me each moment, and another option will permit you to save the file in various folders. Hence it is strongly recommended to select both of the two choices.